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Creating Your Dream Summer Kitchen, Where To Begin?

April 17, 2024

Welcome to Foxy Kitchens in Newtownabbey, your gateway to achieving the ultimate summer kitchen fitting in Newtownabbey. 

The sun is coming out, the temperature is rising, and everywhere you look, people are sporting their brightest smiles and their favourite sun-kissed glows—it’s clear summer has returned. As you daydream about lazy afternoons in the garden, grilling up delicious meals on the barbecue, and relishing the delightful aroma of sunscreen, remember that your kitchen remains a central hub. Despite the allure of the outdoors, your kitchen continues to work diligently, perhaps even more so now, as you open your home to host gatherings with your cherished friends and family.

Whether you’re leaning towards a breezy, coastal vibe or envisioning a quaint, countryside kitchen ideal for hosting lively garden gatherings, our friendly and experienced team is eager to assist you in making your kitchen dreams come true.Here’s your ultimate guide to preparing your kitchen for summer, ensuring it not only looks fantastic but also functions at its best.

First Things First; Inspiration Gathering

The first step to any successful kitchen fitting in Newtownabbey starts with gathering inspiration. Dive into the creative process by building a mood board. Whether you’re clipping your favourite styles from magazines or pinning digital images to a virtual board, this process is a fantastic way to visualise the potential of your space. Begin with an element you adore, like a vibrant colour swatch or a standout piece of furniture, and use it as the cornerstone of your design.

Our team of experienced kitchen fitters at Foxy Kitchens is always ready to assist you in visualising and crafting the ideal kitchen that suits your personal style and needs. Our experts are more than just installers—they are seasoned designers who bring a wealth of knowledge and creativity to every project. They work closely with you to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and the functional requirements of your space.

Whether you’re looking to optimise a small kitchen to make it feel larger, incorporate cutting-edge appliances seamlessly, or create a family-friendly environment, our fitters provide tailored advice and innovative solutions. They are skilled at suggesting layouts, materials, and finishes that will not only fulfil your aesthetic desires but also enhance the practicality and comfort of your kitchen.

By employing a collaborative approach, our team ensures that every aspect of your kitchen is considered, from the initial design concepts to the final touches. This personalised service helps in creating a space that is not only visually appealing but also a perfect fit for your everyday life, making your kitchen a centrepiece of your home where you can enjoy cooking, entertaining, and making memories with loved ones.

Space Planning

Crucial to any kitchen fitting in Newtownabbey is the effective planning of the layout. A smart floor plan is vital for functionality, ensuring that appliances and cabinetry are placed to optimise your kitchen’s flow and usability. Our team can translate your needs and desires into a practical and beautiful layout tailored to how you live and entertain.

Cabinet Selection

Selecting the right cabinets is crucial for establishing the overall ambiance and functionality of your kitchen fitting in Newtownabbey. At Foxy Kitchens, we offer an extensive array of cabinet styles to cater to every taste and design preference. Whether you are drawn to the minimalist elegance of sleek, modern designs with clean lines and contemporary finishes, or you prefer the warm, inviting feel of classic, timeless selections that exude enduring style, we have options to suit your needs.

Our modern cabinets are perfect for those looking to create a space that feels both sophisticated and cutting-edge, often incorporating materials like high-gloss finishes, metal accents, and innovative storage solutions that maximise efficiency. On the other hand, our classic range includes cabinets that exude traditional charm, featuring intricate woodwork, soft colour palettes, and craftsmanship that stands the test of time.

No matter the theme you have in mind for your kitchen fitting in Newtownabbey, our diverse cabinet selections ensure that you can find the perfect match to complement your home’s aesthetic and meet your practical requirements. Each choice is designed not only to look beautiful but also to provide the functionality you need to make your kitchen a truly integral part of your daily life.

Choosing Colours 

The colour scheme plays a significant role in the atmosphere of your kitchen. For a summer kitchen fitting in Newtownabbey, consider light and airy colours that reflect the season’s vibrancy. Whites and blues can create a fresh, open feel, while earthy greens and greys can introduce a serene, natural element to your space.

Accent colours can truly make your kitchen pop, and summer is the perfect time to embrace light and bright hues. Adding these vibrant touches is both easy and stylish. Consider replacing neutral lampshades with more colourful ones, or painting your kitchen island a bold colour to make it the focal point of the room. Alternatively, choose a wall visible from your garden to transform with lively feature wallpaper. Even simpler touches, like introducing a brightly coloured fruit bowl or displaying a bouquet of fresh flowers where they’re easily seen, can infuse your kitchen with a burst of summer vibrancy.

Textures and Materials 

Incorporating a variety of textures and materials can add depth and interest to your kitchen. For a coastal look, think about including light wooden panelling and blue accents to mimic the charm of seaside living. Alternatively, for a countryside kitchen, a central island or butcher’s block can be both functional and a striking feature of the room. Mixing in some darker elements with lighter ones keeps the space dynamic and inviting.

Bring the outdoors inside your kitchen, even if you don’t have bi-fold doors to throw open to the garden. One of the simplest, most effective, and charming ways to achieve this is by creating a windowsill herb garden. Imagine the natural light streaming through your window, illuminating pots of fresh basil, mint, and thyme. Not only do these herbs add a touch of greenery, but they’re also perfect for enhancing your favourite summer dishes and cocktails.

Worktop Choices 

Durable and aesthetically pleasing worktops are a must in kitchen fitting in Newtownabbey. Consider the robust and stylish options like Silestone, which offers durability for busy kitchens, or the natural beauty of oak worktops that age gracefully, enriching your kitchen’s character over time.

Are you ready to begin the exciting journey of kitchen fitting in Newtownabbey? Send us your floor plans and let Foxy Kitchens help you design a kitchen that’s not only visually stunning but a delightful place to create lasting memories. We’re thrilled to guide you from conception to completion, ensuring your kitchen becomes everything you’ve envisioned and more.

Our team of experienced professionals are available to help you create the perfect kitchen for your space. We look forward to hearing from you!

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